Monday, February 28, 2011

Finding Motivation to Work Out

So, I'm working on my fitness. 

I have gone through workout binges in the past, I even went through a 6 month period in DC where I'd wake up every other day and hit the gym before work.  Then daylight savings came... and it became harder and harder to wake up early, so I stopped going.  That would be during weight loss #1. 

During weight loss #2, I decided that it was obvious the gym and I weren't compatible, so I ate right and lost weight without ever stepping foot inside of a gym, or popping a workout video into my DVD player.  Another failed idea, since the introduction of a new relationship and new friends meant more food and beer, and without any sort of exercise, my body once again found those 20 lbs.

This time around, I'm just trying to feel good.  I've been working out at home, but after a month and a half of that, I really feel the need to switch it up a bit.  I'm not interested in spending very much money on my fitness, so I looked into less expensive options than a gym.  Turns out, my office is a member of COSE- The Council of Smaller Enterprises, and through them I get two free days a week at my local YMCA.  Now- COSE is specifically a North Eastern Ohio regional business group, but if you get health care through your office, chances are your health care provider offers savings on gym memberships, or even has free options like COSE Y-Days.  It never hurts to ask- even if you already have a gym membership, they might even have reimbursement programs! 

The YMCA near my house isn't the best gym in the world, but it's free and a change of pace from my spare bedroom.  My question is, dear reader(s), how do you keep it up?  I mean, beyond the initial weight loss period,  what motivates you to keep going?  I have friends who LOVE to run, or are crazy about the gym; but what about people like me, who aren't jazzed by the idea of heading to the gym?  Do you just bite the bullet and go, even though it doesn't make you happy?  I mean, YES, looking good, losing weight, feeling healthy makes me happy.  But running a mile?  That makes me miserable.   I'm trying my best to switch up workout routines and locations, but I'm afraid the day will come when I decide the couch looks like a better idea than the work out room.  It's happened before, and while I NEED to maintain a fitness regime for my personal health, I want to be realistic about it.   I hope I don't sound too lazy here, but I'm just being honest. 

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