Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Another week, another pound!!  I weighed in a day early this week and lost another pound!

We talked about anchors this week- when you're having trouble staying on track, what helps you get through it?  For me, I have anchors all around, through my family and friends.  What helps me the most, though, is being able to talk about it with Nick, the boy.  I should say Boy though, he's definitely deserving of a capital "B." He's been so encouraging through my return to Weight Watchers, and while I know that he'll appreciate a slimmer, more svelte me, his biggest praise for me has been that "I had something that made me unhappy, and I decided to change it."

If you're unhappy with something, be it your weight, your job, anything- CHANGE IT!!  You're in charge of your happiness!  Outside factors will play big parts- but it's how you react to those outside influences that will stay with you. 

My favorite quote from the meeting: "A hole in your heart cannot be filled with food."

Week 3: -1
Total: -3.6

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