Friday, September 21, 2012

First Week Back

I gained .4 lbs this week.  I was really good about what I ate mid week last week, but then I went to a birthday party, a baby shower and a wedding shower over the weekend.  I ate poorly at those events, and let them ruin my progress the rest of the week. Those are my problem areas- weekends and parties.  I know I'll have a glass of wine, and then I'll reach for another cupcake or chip.  When I'm at a party, I stand next to the food, so I should not do that.  It's like I forgot how to eat and have never seen cookies before.  This weekend we're going to another wedding (three this month!), but I have a plan.  We have to drive there and back, so I'm going to DD.  If I skip the wine, then I probably won't have a second helping of food or dessert.  And even if I do, I'm not drinking all of my extra points.  So here's to a night of soda and lime!  Plus I know TallBoy will enjoy getting to knock a few back with his college buddies.  So win-win?

Here's to a more productive week, and not being so hard on myself.  If I blow my points in one day, I don't have to spend the rest of the week in a downward spiral.  Here's to positivity!

This week: +.4 lbs
Total: -6.6 lbs

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love Thyself

I'm a big fan of Sally's Blog- Already Pretty.  I'd highly recommend her latest entry, titled "Shame and Motivation"- it's a big reminder why I want to lose weight in the first place.  I've been shaming myself TOO much lately, and it's not working, it's not right.  Making myself feel worse about how I look right now won't make me want to lose more weight or look better, it usually spirals into some sort of self loathing fest that involves a lot of wine and cookies.   She says:

Body shame is easy. Body love is hard. Body shame is fast. Body love is slow. It can be so tempting to just succumb to shame and let it steer our actions and blunt our emotions. But if you want to exert control over the arc of your life, and if you want to undertake positive physical change, I urge you to approach that change from a place of love. Think about the concept of stewardship: The careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.
It's like I forgot that it was okay to like myself even when I'm not at or near my goal weight.  Even though I have a lot of good in my life right now, I still find myself just ANGRY at the state of my body right now.  I need to love myself and need to move forward with weight loss because I want to be healthy, NOT just because I want those other jeans to fit.  Anger and self hatred only work as motivation for a very short amount of time.  Love is where it's at.  I should've been really listening to Nada Surf this whole time- "Always love- hate will get you every time."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to Basics

I think we're going to need some work on our cake cutting skills...
Well, well, well.  Guess who's got two thumbs, still has weight to lose and is going back to Weight Watchers?  This gal.  Doing this on my own, even with the forum community at LoseIt, just isn't working anymore.  I haven't been holding myself accountable, so I'm going back to the group approach, Weight Watchers.  Off the top of my head, I think this is the fourth time I've been a Weight Watchers member?  I've reached goal weight once before, and then yo-yo'd until I was at my starting weight again.  This time I'm not at my starting weight, but I've seen an upward trend lately, and need to be proactive.  I mean, I do have a wedding coming up in about a year.  Like I said before, I'm not trying to be a skinny bride who looks nothing like myself, but I do want to look fit in pictures.  I also don't want to gain a bunch of weight after the wedding.  I am a little nervous that having a specific date in mind to look 'good' by is a little daunting, because knowing myself I might let loose a little after the wedding... I hope it helps.  By the way, that date is September 7, 2013!  We've booked a reception hall and cannot wait.  Our wedding is going to be very US, with lots of family and friends, good beer, good food, and hopefully, Buster will be part of the ceremony. 

So, you'll be hearing a lot of PointsPlus talk on here... get used to it.

Don't get me wrong- I do LOVE LoseIt- I think it's an awesome tool that can be very very useful, but for right now, I really need the community setting and support that comes with Weight Watchers meetings.  My first meeting back is tonight.