No mistake here...
The Cleveland Dilemma... 

Pierogies or salad?  Can you eat what you love without destroying your body?

This blog is a way for me to discover and share ways to eat healthy, stay fit and lose weight while living a normal, modern life.  I'm trying to do this in a manner that won't drastically change my lifestyle all at once, but will slowly change how I eat and treat my body for the rest of my life.  I do plan to keep around the foods I love, while incorporating healthier ways to prepare them and pair them.

I want to eat foods that are not only good for me; but good for the farmers who raise it, the animals that give their life for it, and the land that it grows in.  Do we eat processed foods or strive to eat local and whole foods?  Can food be about more than economics- fast, processed food may be monetarily cheap, but it takes a high toll on our health.  Is it feasible to eat healthy and not spend every dime at the grocery store?

I should also point out that "mistake on the lake" is a totally undeserving nickname for Cleveland... it's my home and I LOVE this city.  (And it's pierogies)