Monday, January 31, 2011



So about 2 years after the fact, I finally got an iPhone.  To quote my sister, "now they're not cool anymore."   While that may be true, I just wanted to take a minute to rave about the Weight Watchers app (appetizer?) that's available.  You have to be a Monthly Pass or eTools member to access this application, but if you're going to meetings every week it's worth it, in my opinion.  Not only can you track foods, but you can look up anything, calculate anything, keep track of your weight/measurements, and there are even convienent cheat sheets that cover everything from beer/cocktails to salads, pizzas, etc.

To make a long story short, it's awesome.  I mean, it also does the same thing as writing down your points on a piece of paper, or looking them up in a book, or using your calculator.... but it looks cooler.  So there.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Takes a Village

I lost! A pound! and a half!  1.6 to be exact.  The boy even said he was proud of me.

A piece of advice I have for anyone trying (struggling) to lose weight- don't hide it from your loved ones.  Weight loss for vanity's sake is one thing, but when you're trying to do right by yourself and just be healthy, it's an admirable thing.  Plus, your friends and family will keep you honest and help you along the way. 

Also- try not to be negative!  The more positivity you can muster, the better your results will be.  Sure, you'll have a gain now and again, but don't scrap the whole thing if it happens.  It'll pay off, but it WON'T be immediate.  A pound a week is totally acceptable, as long as you're really trying.

Week 2: -1.6
Total: -2.6

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Benefits of Processed Food

Haha a great "PSA" about the "benefits" of processed food.  "Processed food stimulates the economy by making sure your food is touched by as many people as possible before it gets to you."

Link via BuzzFeed

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pita Pizza

This was so good, it deserves it's own entry.  Super easy, healthy (if you use the right ingredents sparingly), and SO FREAKIN' TASTY.  Thanks again to Jenn for the pitas, and the idea.

This clearly has been done before, but it just turned out so much better than I had hoped, and took all of 15 minutes.

1 large whole wheat pita
1 tsp olive oil
2 Tbsp Pizza Sauce (I like Heinen's brand- it has whole ingredients like tomatoes and garlic, plus it's cheap and delicious)
3/8 C Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese, divided into 1/4 and 1/8 C
Toppings!  I used Baby Bellas, Turkey Pepperoni, Red Onions, Basil, Oregano and S&P.

Assembly is a piece of cake- brush the edges of one side of your pita with olive oil and spread around the sauce.  Take your 1/4 C of cheese and sprinkle liberally.  Toss on your toppings, then sprinkle the remaining cheese.  Slide it into the oven for 10-12 minutes at 350ยบ, or until the cheese is browning and bubbly.

Tastes like a thin crust pizza,  plus it satisfies that pizza craving without sacrificing your whole day for 2 slices of regular pizza.  I made mine for about 10 Points Plus Points.  That's confusing to say.  Anyways, I made two, and I'm having the second one for lunch today.  I cannot wait.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Lunch Bunch

Mmmmmm... PITA!  I've been trying to mix it up in the lunch category lately, (also keep track of good lunches when I am stumped on what to pack), and today had an awesome, stuffed pita sandwich.  Easy to prepare, a little harder to eat, since my pita kept falling apart.  But still, delicious.

My friend Jenn came to visit from sunny Youngstown, OH, and brought me some of her favorite pita.  I cut this in half and stuffed with:
-tuna (I know, not really a local food, but I already had in my cabinet and am not about to throw perfectly good tuna away)
-a boatload of spinach
-matchstick carrots
-baby bellas
-green onion
-a slice of swiss cheese
Topped it off with salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar.  Delicious.

Overall, a very filling, satisfying lunch.  7.5 on the points plus scale... that leaves me plenty of points to experiment with a pita pizza tonight.  Another goal I've been working on in the kitchen- using up food before it goes bad, in exciting new ways!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Work It Out

So, I had a room of junk.  Well, it wasn't junk per say... just that room that you throw things in when people are coming over in 2 minutes and you're not done cleaning.  Since I bought the house almost 2 years ago, it had accumulated a lot of stuff.  A LOT.

I was doing some complaining (also, making excuses) to my friend Colleen about gyms, and how everything in the world was preventing me from joining one.  So she goes, "why don't you just clean that room out and workout in there?" BING!

I mean, seriously, that was a good idea.  So, about a month (or two?) ago, I set to it.  Got rid of the junk, organized the closet, moved the desk into the guest room, and boom, a workout room.  (hey, that rhymes!)  I'd post pictures... but it's just an empty room, I think you get the picture.

It's a little room, so there are a few workouts that don't really cut it, but for the most part, it's a god send.  I can workout, and then when I'm done.. I'm already home!  I can even have something in the oven or soup simmering on the stove WHILE I'm working out.  I know not everyone has an extra room lying around, but what I'm saying is there may be a hidden gem right under your nose that could be beneficial to your health.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The First Pound

 One pound.  That's what I lost this past week.  It's a step in the right direction, although honestly I was hoping for more.  But hooray!  A pound!

As for how I feel about the new Points Plus system for Weight Watchers... I think it's awesome.  It really encourages healthy choices- fruit is Point free now, so I can eat all the bananas and apples I want, which is pretty sweet.  I've always been a huge Weight Watchers supporter, I think it's a great, healthy program that helps you lose weight, but more importantly, teaches you to eat well.  The trick (that I haven't learned yet) is to not simply ignore all the awesome things you pick up at meetings once you reach your goal weight.

I've also decided to start taking some other stats once a week around weigh in- I'm measuring some body parts, specifically hips and stomach.  Those should start getting smaller too, one of these days.  I'm also keeping track of which workouts I do on a calendar hung in my "home gym" (aka empty office).  I'm trying out COSE "Y Days" tonight, so I'll do a review of that tomorrow.  Or later, we'll see.

For now, a pound is a good start.  Just... 19 more to go.

Week 1: -1.0 lbs
Total: -1.0 lbs

Photo via Las16's Weblog

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grocery Lists!

Going through my usual list of design blogs I keep up with, I stumbled upon this little gem: printable grocery lists and menu planners. *Ahem* adorable printable grocery lists and planners. I made them smaller to conserve paper, but they're super useful. Something I should have added to my goals for the new year- plan out menus!

I've been making a ton of soup lately- awesome for a snuggle night in with a grilled cheese sandwich (if your soup is low point, I think it's okay to pair it with a small grilled cheese), and amazing to bring in for lunch. Unless you're me and then your Dad says... where's MY soup?!? (I work for him, so it's not that weird) At least he still thinks everything that isn't made of meat and potatoes is gross, so at least he doesn't steal my amazing Coconut Curry Tofu Soup (sans noodles) that I've brought in.

So for my second post- I've started on my list- eat less meat! plan out menus! Still haven't weighed in (other than at home), but hopefully my second week at Weight Watchers won't be quite as depressing as last week. I know it's cheesy, but I love how our leader says "hope to see LESS of you next week!" So, fingers crossed, that's the case.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Realizing that in the last 2 years I have successfully regained the 20 lbs I struggled so hard to lose (for the third time), I'm starting from scratch again. I recently began using my kitchen for more than reheating take out, and decided that maybe this time, cooking will help. With the help of my friends and family, I'm hoping to not only lose that 20 lbs, but actually keep it off. For good.

I know, I know, 20 lbs, not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. I've gone to WW meetings where people have lost 100 lbs over the course of a year, and it blows me away. It inspires me. If they can lose 100, what's so hard about keeping 20 stupid lbs off?

I started back to Weight Watchers again this past Wednesday, and this time, it's going to be the time that not only works, but I make it last. I'm in my mid-twenties, there's no reason I can't use this as a time in my life to take charge and set the stage for what's to come. I just want to feel good about myself, and honestly, when I look in the mirror, I don't.

So... Starting in the kitchen, my goals for this year are:

-Know where my food comes from. That means educating myself on how food is made, where meat comes from, actually KNOWING what I'm putting in my body.

-Cooking lunches and actually bringing them to work! Not eating out for lunch everyday would be a good start.

-Eating less meat! I'm from Cleveland. Every meal we ate growing up was meat, starch, and maybe some veggies. I'm Corn-Fed. I'm not looking to become a vegetarian here... but I would really like to reduce the amount of meat I consume.

-Read more! I just finished "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan- these two books probably had more to do with my kick start in the kitchen more than anything else. I recommend stopping what you're doing immediately and pick these two up. I'm working on educating myself about how to eat, and WHY different foods affect us in different ways.

This blog is more for a record of my actual progress than anything else, but if anyone else enjoys it, hooray!

NOTE: I obviously don't know anything about anything when it comes to blogging/editing/writing/computers in general, so don't hate me for it. I'll learn as I go.