Thursday, January 20, 2011

The First Pound

 One pound.  That's what I lost this past week.  It's a step in the right direction, although honestly I was hoping for more.  But hooray!  A pound!

As for how I feel about the new Points Plus system for Weight Watchers... I think it's awesome.  It really encourages healthy choices- fruit is Point free now, so I can eat all the bananas and apples I want, which is pretty sweet.  I've always been a huge Weight Watchers supporter, I think it's a great, healthy program that helps you lose weight, but more importantly, teaches you to eat well.  The trick (that I haven't learned yet) is to not simply ignore all the awesome things you pick up at meetings once you reach your goal weight.

I've also decided to start taking some other stats once a week around weigh in- I'm measuring some body parts, specifically hips and stomach.  Those should start getting smaller too, one of these days.  I'm also keeping track of which workouts I do on a calendar hung in my "home gym" (aka empty office).  I'm trying out COSE "Y Days" tonight, so I'll do a review of that tomorrow.  Or later, we'll see.

For now, a pound is a good start.  Just... 19 more to go.

Week 1: -1.0 lbs
Total: -1.0 lbs

Photo via Las16's Weblog

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