Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grocery Lists!

Going through my usual list of design blogs I keep up with, I stumbled upon this little gem: printable grocery lists and menu planners. *Ahem* adorable printable grocery lists and planners. I made them smaller to conserve paper, but they're super useful. Something I should have added to my goals for the new year- plan out menus!

I've been making a ton of soup lately- awesome for a snuggle night in with a grilled cheese sandwich (if your soup is low point, I think it's okay to pair it with a small grilled cheese), and amazing to bring in for lunch. Unless you're me and then your Dad says... where's MY soup?!? (I work for him, so it's not that weird) At least he still thinks everything that isn't made of meat and potatoes is gross, so at least he doesn't steal my amazing Coconut Curry Tofu Soup (sans noodles) that I've brought in.

So for my second post- I've started on my list- eat less meat! plan out menus! Still haven't weighed in (other than at home), but hopefully my second week at Weight Watchers won't be quite as depressing as last week. I know it's cheesy, but I love how our leader says "hope to see LESS of you next week!" So, fingers crossed, that's the case.

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