Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Takes a Village

I lost! A pound! and a half!  1.6 to be exact.  The boy even said he was proud of me.

A piece of advice I have for anyone trying (struggling) to lose weight- don't hide it from your loved ones.  Weight loss for vanity's sake is one thing, but when you're trying to do right by yourself and just be healthy, it's an admirable thing.  Plus, your friends and family will keep you honest and help you along the way. 

Also- try not to be negative!  The more positivity you can muster, the better your results will be.  Sure, you'll have a gain now and again, but don't scrap the whole thing if it happens.  It'll pay off, but it WON'T be immediate.  A pound a week is totally acceptable, as long as you're really trying.

Week 2: -1.6
Total: -2.6

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