Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunch... for the Whole Week!

This winter I've been really into making my own soup.

Last time I did WW, I would buy canned soup by the cart load, and then bring them in for lunch every day.  It worked well for losing weight, but there are only so many that I actually enjoy eating, plus they aren't that filling.  Also, (obviously) that solution wasn't great for actually KEEPING the weight off.  This time around, I'm sticking with my goal of cooking more of my own food.  I still keep a few cans of soup in the office just in case I don't have time to make my lunch, but I much prefer my own soups.  There is so much more variety, and I know exactly what goes into them.  The possibilities are endless!

Which brings me to this winning recipe I found over on Smitten Kitchen- Chard and White Bean Stew.  Now- I did not have any chard on hand (nor do I know what that is yet- I'm hoping to soon though) so I used spinach instead.  Other than that I didn't really tweak the recipe at all, except for using chicken broth instead of veggie, and did not use Thyme (I HATE how it smells).

Looking back at the recipe... I wish I could eat it like they have pictured... with a poached egg on top, and a big ol' piece of crusty bread.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.

It's VERY filling- much akin to chili with all the beans, but with a totally different taste.  It's very fresh tasting with pureed tomatoes and white wine, yet hearty and wintery with the white beans.

...Back to the point... I made this on Sunday, and have been feasting for lunch every day since.  I got the idea over at DoorSixteen, where Anna says she spends Sundays cooking lunches for the week (Nick does this too).  It's a lot of time spent in the kitchen Sunday night, but then you don't have to rush around making meals in the morning before work on weekdays. Just toss in a tupperware and go!  (It's especially exciting if you get to toss your tupperware into an adorable lunch bag!)

Any suggestions on what would be good to start packing in the spring?  I am loving soup right now, but I know come 60 degree weather, soup will be the last thing on my mind.  I'm on the hunt for some filling lunch ideas!


  1. There's always Gazpacho!
    And I know the Souper Market does a cold Strawberry Bisque in the summer.

  2. yay!! what a good idea- i love gazpacho! that strawberry bisque sounds amazing. i've actually never been to the Souper Market, but i've been dying to try it!! I'm so happy you're reading the blog, Kim!!