Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Put An Egg On It

I'm one of those people who cannot go without breakfast.  Even if I'm running late (which I usually am), I MUST eat.  Or I will most likely murder you if you speak to me before I eat.  I've never been able to understand those people who are like...  "oh, I can never remember to eat breakast" or "I don't eat until lunch" blah blah blah.  That's certifiably insane in my book.  My morning just feels right if it's started with a hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee.  Cereal doesn't really cut it for me, either.  I'm hungry in like 34 minutes if I have a bowl.

I used to make an English muffin topped with an egg white, slice of American cheese and a microwaved strip of bacon.  It was mmmm delish, but I noticed the hunger pangs creeping in earlier and earlier.  Being on this "whole foods" (not the grocery store) kick of mine, I started reading what was in this American "cheese" and these English Muffins, and sadly realized it sounds like my breakfast was made in a lab.  The ingredients in Kraft American Cheese read like this: "MILK, WHEY, MILK FAT, MILK PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, SALT, CALCIUM PHOSPHATE, SODIUM CITRATE, WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, SODIUM PHOSPHATE, SORBIC ACID AS A PRESERVATIVE, APOCAROTENAL (COLOR), ANNATTO (COLOR), ENZYMES, VITAMIN D3, CHEESE CULTURE."

Buster trying to get in on the Breakfast action
It's cheese, people.  So, I started buying sliced deli cheese from local farms at Heinen's.  I switched my eggs to organic when possible, and pastured when I see them.  I switched my bread to Food for Life's Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Sesame Bread.  It sounds all snobby, or hippie, or something, but I like knowing what's in my food.  Not only that, but I feel better in the mornings!  Like, great!  I'm not hungry until noon, and I don't get tired of eating this for breakfast.

All I do- spray a shallow glass with non stick spray, microwave an egg white for 40 seconds while the toast is in the toaster, then slap a piece of cheese on my bread.  Salt and pepper it, and you've got a breakfast going!  Buster's always trying to get in on the action.  Points Plus wise- I spend as much on this breakfast (or less) than I would on a bowl of cereal.  It just makes sense (except for time) in every way.

Oh, hey there, Buster
Even though I'm sitting in my sunroom enjoying my breakfast, this is my usual view while eating.  "Don't forget about your ol' pal Buster!!!"

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