Thursday, February 3, 2011

Warning: Meal is Much Tastier Than Pictured

I should start by saying that this "picture" taken with my iPhone does NOT do this meal justice.  It kind of looks like... I'm not even sure.  But I can assure you, (as can the Boy) that it was indeed delicious.  And Weight Watchers friendly!  Coming back to WW after being gone for a few years was kind of daunting because I never really cooked before.  I ate a lot of the prepared frozen meals for lunch, along with really simple stuff for dinner... so this time I feel like I'm really learning to eat.  I'm trying to shy away from processed foods, because they're so EASY- plus it turns out, not so great for you.  Sure... low WW points, but made of... what? Corn? Soy Beans? A mixture of the two?

So this time... I'm doing all the cooking, and I know what I'm eating.  For dinner last night- I made two recipes off of The Well Fed Newlyweds- my friend Katie's blog- it's a plethura of delicious recipes.  Her mom is also a huge fan of her blog, and offers up low-cal substitutes in the comments.

Last night I made the panko-crusted Crispy Chicken Fingers, along with the Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  I substituted Frank's Buffalo sauce for BBQ, but they were delicious!  Super crunchy on the outside, and very tender on the inside.  I'm never making chicken again without first soaking in buttermilk- it makes the chicken insanely moist and delicious.  I think next time I would opt for the BBQ sauce, because Nick agreed, they could have used a dippin' sauce, but all in all, a successful, homemade dinner.


  1. So glad you enjoyed the recipes! The bbq version is great because there's sauce in the marinade and you can dip the chicken in the sauce as well. (And Stan is obsessed with any food he can dip.)

    I love the idea of making them buffalo style! I've been planning to try them that way too! For a dipping sauce for those you could use blue cheese or ranch dressing. (I don't like either of those so I'm trying to figure out a good option for me before I post them on my blog!)

  2. Yeah... I didn't have any appropriate dipping we went without. But they were still tasty! I just had the leftovers on a salad for lunch!