Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Always Better When We're Together

I picked up a new lunch tote the other day at TJ Maxx.  I figured, if I'm going to be bringing lunch most days now, it might encourage me to bring it MORE if I had a cute bag to bring it in.  That might sound stupid, but it totally works.  I think my bag is adorable, and thus I really like packing my lunch in it every day.

Now that I'm back at Weight Watchers, I've noticed I'm also spending more money at TJ Maxx- it's my downfall, and it's right next door to my meetings.  Nick's pretty sure they planned it like that, and he might be right.  I've found some handy kitchen do-dads there though, like a mandolin slicer, this cute lunch tote, some new soup bowls, etc.  Also... a few pairs of shoes.

Anyways, an additional reason I like my lunch tote- it matches Buster's winter coat and leash.
How could I resist?  Can't you just see the JOY in Buster's eyes?  If it costs me $7.99 to encourage myself to bring lunch everyday, it's worth it.  I'm eating healthier lunches, plus I'm saving money by not going to restaurants.  So I'm just spending the difference at TJ Maxx.  :D

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