Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ladies Night In!

From one of our more adventurous, Lady Gaga themed nights
Every Tuesday my girlfriends and I have ladies night.  Sometimes we'll go out to eat, see a comedy show, have drinks or just go to someones house.  Once a week we put other things on hold and get together for ladies night.  Does that mean we're loud? Yes.  Does that mean we're obnoxious? Of course.  Is it one of the best nights of my week?  Absolutley.

It's been one of those weeks... just stress leaking out of every pore.  I hosted a last minute Ladies Night dinner at my house last night and made Katie's fabulous Tex Mex Stuffed Shells.  We ate cookie dough out of the tube.  Went through several bottles of wine.  I couldn't be happier about it.  Sometimes you need to just forget everything else that is going on and just have some girl talk.

Living healthy isn't just about the food you put in your body- it's about keeping your friends and loved ones close, feeling calm and relaxed, and just letting go every once in a while.  I'm weighing in tomorrow, and while I know it probably won't be a big loss this week, I'm glad I got the chance to decompress with my ladies.

Like I say- 'everything in moderation' applies to everything, and last night it applied to cookie dough out of the tube.

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