Friday, March 11, 2011

Halfway There!

This week was a genuine surprise.  I still counted everything I ate this week, stayed below my extra points, but I really didn't think I was going to lose this week.  And yet, I did.  1.4 lbs!  It tipped me over the 10 lb mark, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

What I've learned thus far:

1. Cooking has been a HUGE help.  I don't feel like I'm dieting at all- I feel like I'm eating better than ever.  I still make recipes with heavy whipping cream, I just cut back on the amount I need.  Sure, a recipe can call for a cup of oil, but do you need the whole cup?  Most of the time, no. 

2.  Cutting out processed foods from my life- awesome.  This hasn't been that difficult since I've been cooking more.  I do find I'm spending more at the grocery, and going more often; but I'm also eating healthier, whole foods.  I tried drinking a can of diet coke the other day, and I couldn't take more than one sip, it just tasted like chemicals.

3. Educating myself about what I put in my body has helped me stay on track.  Once you know what is in most processed food, or how it's made, it's difficult to stomach.  Therefore, it's really easy to stay away from.  Same with factory farmed meat, eggs, cheese and milk.  I still have a long way to go here, but I feel like I'm making great strides.

4.  Writing this blog has also helped me stay on track- I have a diary of what works, what doesn't, and hopefully, a reminder down the road that it IS worth it.  Thank you to anyone who reads this, and to all the blogs that inspire me to live healthier.

5.  I've realized that this isn't about the weight loss, it's about becoming a more educated, healthier individual.  Positivity works wonders.

Week 8: -1.4
Total: -10.2

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