Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's In The Doing That Brings About The Being

Weight Watchers was crowded last night!  Apparently, Jennifer Hudson's frequent day-time-talk-show appearances have made an impact on people... it was standing room only at last night's meeting.  It was a nice meeting- I lost a half pound- a pat-myself-on-the-back worthy amount.  My week was sort of stressful, which equals not too much time in the kitchen.  When I did cook, it was a lot of throwing veggies/beans/noodles in a pot or skillet for dinner and reheating them for lunch.   Not that that's a bad thing- still healthy and not boring, but not really worth sharing the "recipes."

To recap the meeting-  the quote of the week was: "It is in the doing that brings about the being."  Talk is talk- and action is action.  Talking about making better choices in the kitchen is different than going to the grocery store, buying fresh fruits and veggies, and making a healthy meal.  Practice what you preach!

I also need to take the time to remind myself that this is NOT just about the weight loss- see if you can follow me here, it is... AND it isn't.  It's about changing my outlook on what I put in my body, being comfortable in my own skin and making the most out of my life.  The weight loss is important, but it's not on the top of my list.  "Will you help teach me about this... what is it?... New Way?"

Creeping in on ten- weekly stats:

Week 7: -.6
Total: -8.8

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