Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So This Is The New Year...

And I don't feel any different.

That being said, I have about a thousand new years resolutions this year.  I always have a lot, and this year is no different.  However.  I do realize that I have got to start approaching things much differently.  The biggest achievement that I can say I made in 2012 is how I've learned to love taking amazing care of my teeth.  My dental health?  Through the roof.  I hated flossing before, and so instead of making myself floss every night and hate it, I bought a Waterpik and love using it every night.  I had a problem, knew I needed a different way to solve it, and did.  Even the dentist was impressed.  Let me tell you, there is almost no better feeling than having your dentist tell you how amazing your teeth and gums look.

Last January, I talked about how I had learned a lot of good new habits in 2011, and 2012 would be the year of continuing good habits.  That happened, for about 7 months.  I could go on and on with excuses, but when all is said and done, very few of those 'habits' actually stuck with me.  Unfortunately, I gained back any of the weight I lost, and am back at square one.  I'm not giving up- I just need to find a better way to go about this.  I know it's still about eating healthy and exercising, so I need to make those habits in the same way that brushing my teeth and putting face lotion on- I need to make them second nature.  I need eating healthy to be a habit in a way that if I choose the wrong thing, I'll immediately feel the need to correct.  Like when you skip brushing your teeth, you feel gross.  I need to feel that way about healthy food. 

TallBoy and I made a long list of New Year's resolutions and I'm hanging it on the cabinet.  I'm scraping my current weight loss log and starting over- making small, incremental goals.  My first goal of the year?  To lose 5 lbs.  Not a lot, but it's a start in the right direction.  2013 should be an amazing year, and I want my weight loss to be a part of that.  Here's to making small changes that can really add up.

Happy New Year!

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