Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Goal Met

We've had a bit of snow, lately.  Don't forget- Cleveland!
My weigh in days are Thursdays, but I knew by the weekend that I'd be meeting my first yearly goal of 5 lbs.  First 5 lbs of the year- gone!  I know it'll get harder as there's less weight to lose, but the first five wasn't so bad.  The big things I'm focusing on: veggies, veggies, and more veggies.  Lean protein, eggs, cooking with healthy fats. Fruit, but not too much.  I've been trying to keep my carbohydrate intake below 40% of my daily foods.  Exercise, three times a week.  I feel like I'm re-writing Radiohead's "Fitter Happier" here. 

It's working though.  Something in common between my Cose Wellness Tracks Masters class and Weight Watchers is that both are focusing on small, achievable goals.  Within the past week, both have asked that I set an attainable goal that can be achieved in the upcoming week.  I think this is a wonderful idea, and I plan on making my new, weekly goals part of my weekly weigh in posts.  These will not be weight related goals; rather they will be nutrition/fitness/personal goals that I'd like to become part of every day life.

This week's goal: to be active during television commercials.  I still watch too much TV.  Of this I'm aware.  However, I think if I were to pick a show I want to watch, (not just channel surf until I land on whatever until the next commercial)- I'll watch during the show, and then at commercial breaks, get up and do something productive.  Not stay seated on the couch.  Productive ideas: clearing the kitchen table, putting shoes away, doing dishes, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom a little bit at a time, play with Buster, etc.  This way, I'll get to enjoy my show, AND make the house look better.  Track some more steps for the day.  Staying active is where I need to be.  (Plus it wouldn't hurt Buster to do some extra running around!)

It's nice to have some smaller goals to look forward to, instead of just a high number that seems so far away.  Weight goal #1 met!

Later this week I'll be back with some yummy, filling and healthy breakfast recipes I've been experimenting with!

This week: -3.0 lbs
Total 2013: -7.0 lbs

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