Monday, January 14, 2013

Tackling the Usual Road Blocks

My view flying into LGA
I'm doing my weigh in post a few days late, since we left for NYC on Thursday (my normal weigh in day.)  The first week of the year went incredibly well.  I lost 4 lbs (!!!!) in the first week.  I know the last couple pounds really came on quickly, so I wasn't super suprised when they dropped off quickly too.

Now- how did my traveling experience go?  Better than usual-  I ate well for breakfast and lunch each day, but dinner and drinks were another thing.  BUT- I still wrote everything down.  Which, truly, is a first for me.  Even on Sunday night, I ate a balanced, healthy dinner.  Usually when returning from a trip where I go overboard on the food, I tend to continue the unhealthy eating until at least Monday morning.  Small steps- and ones I'm very proud of.  My weigh in this morning was still higher than expected, but I have until Thursday morning to see where it really got me.

We walked so much- I logged almost 10,000 steps Thursday, almost 15,000 Friday, and over 18,000 on Saturday!  I didn't drink the normal amount of water, so that amount of walking, coupled with increased salt intake probably made me bloat up a little, but I'll spend this week rectifying that.  Getting back on track immediatly might just be my life saver this time.

Overall, it was a great trip, and while I wish I had not indulged quite as much as I did- I still feel like I was in more control than usual when I travel.

The best part of the trip?  Snuggles with TallBoy's new niece- who will soon be my niece as well!

Week 1: -4.0 lbs
Total 2013: -4.0 lbs

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