Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Rough Week

Turns out Buster wears a 24 Month size onesie.
Wow, this week has not been easy.  This is my weight in post, so up front, I lost, and that's something.  Especially for this week.  STRESS!  Buster went into the vet on Monday to get his teeth cleaned and a few removed... turns out he has the worst teeth ever.  They removed 7 teeth, but then also found out that his screwed up boy parts are even worse than we thought.  This is something I've known about since he was little, but the vet always said that as long as he could pee, that it wasn't something to worry about.  Now that they did a little poking around, turns out he'll be needing another surgery to fix what's wrong with him.  Unless I drew you a picture or showed you an x-ray, it's an impossible situation to explain, so just trust that it's weird and screwed up, and Buster was born with a VERY unusual anatomy. 

So, he went in on Monday morning, happy as a clam, and when I picked him up Monday evening he looked like death warmed over.  I think that's usual when dogs go under anesthesia.  But Tuesday, he still wasn't eating or drinking, so I had to take him BACK to the vet, and they injected some fluids.  He started pepping up a little Wednesday, and today he's almost back to the Buster we know and love.  He now has no front teeth, and has to wear a baby onesie so he doesn't pick at his stitches on his belly.  He's a mess.  I've been a mess this whole week.  You all know that I'm insanely obsessed with my dog, he's basically my hairy child.

On top of all that, we've been watching my parents' dog, Arnie, a 120-lb Irish Wolfhound.  He's a teddy bear, but caring for a huge dog in your small house while you're worried beyond belief for your own puppy, it's just a lot.  Whew.  Glad to get that off my chest. 

Anyways, the best news of the week is that for right now, Buster is doing way better.  The crappy news is that he'll have to go back under the knife at some point in the near future, for a much riskier, much more unusual surgery.  Boo.

So, I lost a pound this week, which is great, considering I usually just eat ice cream and drink wine when I'm stressed/depressed.  High five, self, for not eating your feelings!  But don't worry, while I was busy NOT stress eating, Buster did get a lot of treats.   Especially Peanut Butter, that's his favorite.

So far, this year is going well in the weight loss department, 8 lbs down in the month of January!

This week: - 1.0 lb
Total 2013: -8.0 lbs

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