Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Day Approacheth...

What happens AFTER the meal
That's a word, right?  Approacheth?  According to spell check it is not, but I'm using it anyways.  Deal with it.  So, Thanksgiving somehow is already here- it seems like July was yesterday, but maybe the power outage we had is just messing with my head.  Whatever.  I've been eating well/doing well lately, so I am planning to make this delicious holiday about more than just food- because I will have SO much family around, so hopefully I can have ONE delicious, crazy big meal, nap it off, and then go back to normal, healthy eating.

As for what I'm bringing- I'm making this Roasted Butternut Baked Penne mac and cheese- it sounds SO SO good.  I'll make a small trial batch tonight just to make sure it doesn't taste weird, but with the ingredient list I think that might be impossible.  I also had about 5 butternut squashes laying around (a coworker grows them) so I spent a few hours roasting and pureeing squash. 

I've made it my mission to make mac and cheese a staple at holiday meals- I don't really understand why it wasn't before- it has all the warmth and comfort a holiday meal needs.  I'm hoping that sneaking in a heaping portion of veggies (disguised as creamy and rich!) will go over well- but I think the butternut will be a great addition.  Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Weigh in this week went.. ok.. I technically lost weight, but not much.  Only .2 lbs.  I know it's better than gaining, I just thought that my week had gone better, so it was a little disappointing.  I'm still glad I went and weighed in though.  I'm thinking of switching what night I go to meetings- my leader isn't really inspiring me much- and the lady I used to like a lot unfortunately isn't a leader anymore.  There are even two new locations near me- I haven't tried either, so maybe I'll shop around a little bit and see if I can find a leader who puts a little more spark into the meetings.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving- this is by far my favorite holiday- you get to see and spend time with your friends and family, and eat REALLY GOOD FOOD.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Last week: -.2 lbs
Total: -5.4 lbs

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