Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In unrelated news, Buster's still cute.
Did I just quote that Paula Abdul song?  The one with Skat Kat in the video?  I sure did.  I know I literally JUST did a post about how this whole thing isn't just about weight loss; but I gained this week, and I was really disappointed this morning.  I have exercised and ate well since my last weigh in, and yet I still gained this week.  I think part of it is a hold over from St. Patrick's day- (we don't always gain or lose weight immediately)- but now I just have to keep on keepin' on.  I just hate how losing weeks always tend to be a half pound or so, and gaining weeks tend to be over a pound.  It just seems cruel.

Now that my COSE Wellness Tracks program is over, now it's up to me to continue on eating healthy and exercising on my own.  I'm inspired enough about how much my body has changed for the better over the last year that I know I can do it.  And a slow journey in the right direction is better than a quick loss and then a continued gain. 

Good luck getting that song out of your head ;)

This week: +1.2 lbs
This year: -3.6 lbs
Total: -13.2 lbs

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