Thursday, March 22, 2012

Color Me Surprised

Yup, the hammock's up.
Well well well.  SOMEONE'S pretty proud of herself this morning.  Someone's so pleased with her progress that she tried on bathing suits yesterday morning.  Does she have a vacation planned for the near future?  No.  Does she have access to a swimming pool?  Absolutely not.  Is she even at her goal weight?  Nope!  Just a few good things coming together at once. 

1. This was a week that involved a holiday- and I actually LOST.  That's the first time that has happened... ever.
2. It has been above 70º every day so far this week.  What?  Cleveland in March?  Seriously- what's happening?

Granted, that holiday was St. Patrick's Day- not one that involves a lot of eating surrounding that day (i.e. Thanksgiving/Christmas)- but still.  Any big eating/drinking day tends to really throw off any good I've done that week.  Maybe I would've lost more this week had I not attended the St. Paddie's Day festivities downtown, but I had to do it at least once.  That being said... we probably won't do it again.  It was pretty overwhelming. 

My COSE Wellness Tracks program is coming to a close next week- that means I'll be going in for a reassessment to see how I've done so far this year.  I know I'll be down a couple of pounds, but more than anything I'm looking forward to seeing how my body has changed- if I've lost inches and gained muscle and endurance.  Monday is my reassessment, so I'm going to take it real easy this weekend and focus on working out and eating right so I'm not up on Monday. (that's a usual thing for me)  I'll also be checking back on on my New Year's Resolutions next week, I think I'm on track!

This week: -.6 lbs
This year: -4.8 lbs
Total: -14.4 lbs


  1. You're doing great! And that hammock looks relaxing!