Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twice the Strength

yes, those are my actual guns
On November 23, 2011, I had a physical assessment to get beginning health numbers for this COSE Wellness Tracks program I was about to begin.  I thought at the time getting my beginning stats right before Thanksgiving would help me to not go overboard through the holidays, (to some extent it probably did)- but I probably should've waited until December to get my beginning weights.  Because of this I was not only trying to lose weight, I was fighting the few pounds I gained through the holidays.

That being said: my reassessment was awesome.  I went in yesterday evening to get weighed and measured.  I was really nervous, because I knew my weight hadn't gone down drastically- I had a goal to lose 13-15 lbs in this 12 week period, and I only lost 3.  However, everything else was significant.  Let me just lay them out for you:

From November 23, 2011 to March 26, 2012 (5 months):
  • My blood pressure went from 130/75 to 100/65
    • I was always under the impression I had really good blood pressure, but in fact it was a little higher than I'd like to start with.  My blood pressure now?  AMAZING.
  • My resting heart rate went from 78 to 60.
    • This means my heart is beating 25,920 times fewer per DAY.  9,460,800 beats fewer per YEAR.  My heart isn't working as hard, which adds years to my life.
  • My resting flexibility increased by  3 inches, which means my muscles are a little looser and more flexible during the day.
  • I lost .75" from my neck; 2.5" from my shoulders; .5" from my biceps; .5" from my chest; 2" from my waist; .25" from my thighs and calves.
  • The force generated from my core went from 106.5 lbs to 170 lbs.
  • My upper body muscular endurance went from lifting 35 lbs 35 reps to 70 reps.
  • My lower body muscular endurance went from lifting 85 lbs 50 reps to 93 reps.
    • These numbers mean that I've gotten almost twice as strong as I was in November.  And I thought I was fit then!!! 
The most encouraging part about all this is that even when you're not 'losing' at the scale- you're still doing really good things for your body.  What I got out of this program- what you eat isn't the only important thing, it's good to keep in mind when you eat it, and what you eat it with.  Balancing your proteins, carbohydrates and fats in each meal is important to keep in mind. Adding weights to your routine can really shake things up.  Anaerobic and Aerobic exercises are equally important, so strike a balance!

I'd highly encourage anyone who is interested in getting healthy to not only keep a journal of their food, but make some measurements and periodically reevaluate yourself.  Progress isn't just about the scale, it's about your whole body composition.  You might just surprise yourself- I know I did!

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