Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's Always Sunny... in Cleveland?

There was a lot of pale skin showing in the Cleve yesterday...
...This is not what spring usually looks like in Cleveland.  Usually, we still have a few feet of snow hanging around, and my bare feet are nowhere near any green grass.  Yesterday, (March 14!!!!!) it was 78º.  It was both amazing and weird.  I worked out outside.  I had ice cream.  I wore sunglasses.  I didn't wear socks.  In short, it was a miracle. 

I'm not sure when this turned into a weather blog, but now I'll get to the health news.  I also got yelled at my nutritionist yesterday for my shamrock shake cheat.  She was just as surprised as I to find out that they're not only 540 cal for a small- but 88g of carbohydrates and 74g of sugar.  That's like... a few days worth of sugar.  But whatever- I made up for it by eating healthy the remainder of the week and not freaking out about it.  Because guess what- Shamrock Shakes happen.  Yes- try your best to make healthy food choices- but sometimes your wonderful boyfriend brings you a surprise Shamrock Shake and you don't turn that down. 

This week: -.4 lbs
This year: -4.2 lbs
Total: -13.8 lbs

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