Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halfway There... Again.

Where to start... I guess with the weigh in.  I lost .2 lbs this week- next to nothing- but still a loss- which is good.  I've had weeks of maintenance before when I though I'd be gaining- but I really thought I'd lose this week.  It was really the first week that I stayed under my calorie allotment on LoseIt- so I thought that would equal a pound and a half loss.  Not so much.  Eh, keep on truckin', right? 

Even with the maintenance, I feel like I'm getting to a good place with my exercise- I went to a 'Group Groove' class on Tuesday and LOVED it.  It's a bit like Zumba-  cardio/aerobic/dance- I was a little nervous when I arrived because I was probably the only person under the age of 60, but once we started I realized it was a class you can really make to your own level.  I sweated and danced like crazy for an hour, and felt awesome after.  I like going to a class as opposed to doing a similar program at home by myself- if I were doing this at home, I probably would have stopped half way through because I was exhausted.  I like a group atmosphere- it pushes me further.

In other health news, I've decided to do a program starting in January called COSE Wellness Tracks- I'm not entirely sure what the program will be like- but I know it starts with a full fitness and health assessment next week, and then a weekly meeting in which I'm guessing we'll weigh in, talk about challenges, give support to one another- probably similar to Weight Watchers.  If it is, that's great, but I am interested in learning more about how food and exercise affect my specific body, and how I can improve upon it.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I would encourage anyone looking to get started on working out or eating healthy to contact their healthcare representative and inquiring about any offers they have about health programs- if there isn't something free, they almost always offer some sort of discount towards health and wellness programs, be it a gym or Weight Watchers or a program they run themselves.

So- this week wasn't a bust, but I'm not where I was hoping to be.  My next weigh-in day is on Thanksgiving- so I probably won't do a blog post about it, but I promise I'll catch up soon after.  I'm glad my weigh in day is Thanksgiving- that way I'll have a week to recover.  Even using my goals for eating during holidays, I don't expect it to be easy.

This week: -.2 lbs
Total: -10.0 lbs

*-10.0 lbs does feel GOOD.  Even though I was already here once this year, I'm glad to be back.

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