Thursday, November 3, 2011

Big Changes Start With Little Things

Ah, Thursday.  Lets check in on how I did with my goals from last week's weigh in:
  1. Workout 3x- check!  I've been using the elliptical lately instead of doing my C25K program on the treadmill- my left knee started to hurt a few weeks ago, so I wanted to try something a little lower impact on my knees- I like it.  I can do it longer, and I think I tend to burn more calories.  My normal workout routine is 45 min- 1 hour on the elliptical (switching up programs), followed by about 30 minutes of stretching and strength training.
  2. End the week with a calorie deficit- almost.  I ended last week approximately 230 calories over my budget.  Which, I think, is pretty fantastic, although I see my LoseIt friends routinely ending their weeks thousands of calories UNDER their budgets- I'm not really sure how they do it.  Obviously they're exercising more than I am, and eating a lot less, but I think it would be difficult for me to eat a lot less than I currently am.  This week I'm going to go for this goal again.
  3. Exercise WILLPOWER at Halloween Party/ handing out candy- Check.  Sort of.  I worked out AND ate really healthy before the Halloween party on Saturday night, but also brought a loaf of cheesy bread that I nommed on a bit.  And drank a... few... beers.  Handing out candy I ate one Reese's PB cup, but was good otherwise.  Although I did have a glass of wine or two...
  4. Figure out a non-food related reward for getting to my goal weight-  I haven't figured this out yet.  I've tried new clothes in the past, but it didn't really seem to work.  Any suggestions?
The result?  -.8 from last Thursday.  Yes, that's the right direction, but I should also point out that I have my calorie limit set to lose 1.5 lbs a week, and that obviously hasn't been happening.  Weekends are definatly my downfall, and this weekend I am looking forward to- there are no parties, and I can control my intake and exercise much more.  Also, I need a weekend to just relax.  Although in all reality I'll probably be mowing the lawn/ raking leaves, which my yard desperatly needs.  But hey, exercise!

Instead of focusing on my total 20 lb goal right now, I'm focusing on getting to -12 lbs.  Smaller goals seem more manageable right now.  

This week: -.8
Total: -8.2

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  1. Great week!!

    I still don't know how to work the calorie thing. What I did this week was raise my limit to just shy of 1800 calories. But that's all I'm allowed to eat, no matter how much exercise I do - so the exercise is all gravy, so to speak. It seems to be working so far because I lost over a pound yesterday and another pound today. Which means it will probably backfire on me next week, of course. But I feel like I'm getting plenty to eat so it's way easier than having that crazy low calorie limit.