Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Results

Uh, yeah, these totally happened.
Whew!  What a great couple of days.  I know you're dying to know- did I stick to my plan? Yes- mostly.  If you want to recheck my goals- check 'em out here.  Yes, that's through the end of the year, but it's also to help me get through each individual holiday.  So, how did I do?  Well.  Mostly.  I worked out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Friday.  Not only did I bring gym clothes to my sisters' house to workout the day after Thanksgiving, but I actually used them. I feel like I deserve some sort of award.  However, I did fall a little flat on all of the goals.  Let's just take a walk through the long weekend:

Wednesday night: Went to my fitness assessment for my COSE Wellness Tracks program I'm doing in January.  It got me PSYCHED up.  I met TallBoy at the gym, and I wasn't even planning on working out Wednesday night!  Fitness assessment the night before Thanksgiving?  Great idea- it really put things in perspective and made it easy to stay on track the night before a holiday.

Thursday:  Sensible breakfast.  Weekly weigh in: down 1.2 lbs!  Total of  11.2! Got there, sliced up my delicious breads that I brought... sampled some.  Tracked ALL my food, stuck to ONE plate, and filled it half with salad.  I'm really glad I was in charge of bringing that.  Only had half a piece of pie and a few glasses of wine.  Even for dinner later that night, was pretty good about the small portions.

Friday: Worked out!  Ate salad with turkey for lunch!  Went on a big family walk to get... ice cream... then had pizza for dinner.  It's hard away from home.

Saturday:  Oh man.  Remember when I said to make holidays about ONE day?  This is where things really went downhill.  Tallboy and I drove back from Columbus to work the Cleveland Wine and Ale Festival- was fun, but ate and drank my way through way too much... everything. 

Sunday:  Scared myself a little when I weighed in, but stayed on track for the day.  This is what it's about- realizing you may have messed up a bit, but getting back on the wagon as soon as possible.

I have another big weekend ahead of me, thankfully the increased food/booze intake will just be one day this weekend.  I'm going to stay on track every day until then and get some more gym time in.  I'll probably still be up on Thursday, but I'd like the damage to be as minimal as possible. 

How was your extended weekend?  Were you able to do some damage control, or was it your 'cheat' day?  Did it turn into a 'cheat' four days?  If so, you can get back on track, don't throw the rest of the year away!


  1. I hope you're really proud of yourself, you did so great! Maybe not all food choices were the best, but you exercised & it's Thanksgiving after all, it's okay to enjoy it, even super healthy people have celebration meals. :)

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in my country, so for me it was just another simple week. :D

  2. Thanks, Eisija! I am proud of myself, I've continued to go to the gym this week as well, and I'm not quite back to the weight I was last thursday morning, I'm close. I feel like I got to eat the food I love and still was mindful about it. Mostly I was so happy to just spend that time with my family!

    Where are you from? It's awesome to have readers from everywhere!

  3. I'm from Europe, a small country called Latvia. :)

  4. That's so cool! My grandmother was born in Estonia- my grandfather took us to see where she was from after I graduated high school! We didn't make it to Latvia, but we were right there!