Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now For A Little Backtracking...

Oof- I knew the weigh in after Christmas wouldn't be great.  And it wasn't.  I wasn't as good as I was on Thanksgiving- didn't track my food for five days, and kind of just ate... everything.  But that's okay- it was a wonderful holiday.  This is what it looked like: 

Friday- Pre-Christmas Papa John's.  (totally unnessecary, a great example of stress eating)
Saturday- Christmas Eve dinner, followed by a family party. 
Sunday- Christmas breakfast!  Christmas lunch!  Christmas snack for dinner.  My belly was so full.  Christmas cocktails.
Monday- Kraft Mac and Cheese lunch, Christmas Dinner, part three.  (or so)
Tuesday- Tallboy's Birthday Breakfast, Birthday Lunch, Birthday Dinner

Sometimes, the schedule is full of family eating, and your only choices are sauerkraut and bacon wrapped blood sausage.  So, I ate it and loved it.  I'm headed back to the gym tonight for the first time in over a week.  I'm so tired and worn out, but it was so nice to see SO much family. 

Our plans for New Year's Eve?  Stay in.  Cook our favorite dinner and drink some champagne.  I'm really looking forward to taking it easy. 

This week: +1.6 lbs
Total: -9.8 lbs

I still have two weeks before my final weigh in for the year- hopefully I can nudge the scale back down a bit. 

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