Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wading Into the Holidays

My favorite moment from Thanksgiving
I was nervous for Thanksgiving this year.  I think I freaked myself out that I wouldn't have the willpower to NOT eat a thousand plates of food, and then I freaked myself out that freaking out wouldn't let me enjoy Thanksgiving.  Turns out, neither were totally true.  I enjoyed Thanksgiving, took it easy, and ate well at the meal.  The problem for me was the following few days.  Regardless, I managed to get back on track this week.  Last week I was really proud to have lost 1.2 lbs on my weigh in day! (Thanksgiving morning!)  I knew this week would be recovery from the holiday, and I was okay with that.  I was expecting a gain this week, and that's what I got (self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?)  However, it's a manageable gain that I can get past.

This week: I will NOT beat myself up over a gain, instead, I will let it be that carrot in front of my nose at the gym.  Speaking of carrots, I will eat more of them.  I will go out of town for TallBoy's college makeshift reunion and enjoy myself, but immediately get back on track the moment I sober up.

This week: +.4 lbs
Total: -10.8 lbs

*also!? Today is DECEMBER 1st?  I think I've been a day off for at least a week.  I totally thought it was November 30th.  Whoops?*

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