Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessions of a Slip-Up-Aholic

I decided that I'm exercising my right to not go to a meeting or weigh in this week.  It's the opposite of what every good Weight Watcher would tell you to do, but I am going to do it.  Why?  I know I gained this week.  I only tell my blog about my weekly weigh ins, but I'm secretly (or maybe not) keeping track of my weight each day on my own.  Speaking of exercise... I have not done it in... a while.  My workout room looks like a shoe ghost town and my free COSE Y-Days have gone unused for at least a few weeks.

I feel the all too familiar feeling of slipping back into bad habits.  Maybe if I were already at the point of maintaining my weight, it'd be different; but I am still in active "losing" mode.  While I have remained fairly vigilent about my food habits, my workout habits are back to what they used to be- non existent.

I started this blog as a way of keeping myself honest, so this is just me confessing that yes, I gained this week.  Maybe not in an official capacity (since I'm not going to my meeting this week), but I know it when I step on my scale in the morning. 

Goals this week: Get back to tracking!  Stick to my points, get at least 1-2 workouts in, and get outside for some fresh air. 


  1. Maybe one girls' night soon (as it's getting nicer out) we could all go eat somewhere that has a cute patio and has a metroparks near, and then go walk and chat after eating? How was girls' night out in Tremont? Can we have another Friday night or Saturday night one soon!? I want to go!

    Also, what do you think of a sleepover? I'm thinking sometime of having a pizza/popcorn/movie night in PJs and get drunksies while doing said activities :-).

  2. YES! to all of that!! especially the getting warm part. this weather is killing me. not really, but its giving me headaches. i cannot WAIT to walk outside!