Friday, April 1, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

I was back to losing this week!  Not a ton- just .6 lbs, but I'll take it.  I seem to be getting into a plateau mode here... I need something to break me out of it.  The fact that I worked out maybe two or three times in March probably didn't help much either.

To recap this week's meeting- ACCOUNTABILITY!!!  Support and accountability are not only crucial to weight loss success, but life success.  Yes- I am doing this for me, I am in charge of what I eat- but it is a thousand times easier when I know I have people who have my back.  It's easier to stay motivated when you aren't your only cheerleader.  Who can you turn to for support?  Who do you seek support from for everyday struggles?  Hopefully they can be the same people to give you that nudge you need in your weight loss.  Don't be afraid to talk about it- hiding weight loss struggles only makes it harder.  Be proud of what you're doing.  Be an inspiration for people who are struggling with the same situation.

Plateau or not- Nick reminded me that I still have lost 11.4 lbs- and I should be PROUD.  And I am.  Thank you Nick, for reminding me that while I may be struggling a bit now, I still have made it this far and do not want to go back.

Week 11: -.6
Total: -11.4

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