Thursday, April 7, 2011

Expressing Gratitude

Another week, another small loss.  I skipped the meeting again, and didn't workout this week, AGAIN!  A loss is a loss is a loss, but I feel like I could be making more of an effort.  There are a thousand excuses I could use, but what it comes down to is the effort to put in extra work just hasn't been there for a few weeks.  I'm trying to get my inspiration and motivation up!  This week I'm going to concentrate not on just physically getting off the couch, but being positive about it.  I'd like to gain a small victory in focusing on the positive things.  Yesterday, I read this blog post about "gratitude killers" over on The Grateful Sparrow- and it really struck a chord with me.

Nikki says: 
...we’re so used to slipping little negatives into our everyday conversation, as half-jokes and self-depreciating, commiserating stabs.  Instead of “I’m so grateful I cheated on my diet for a doughnut, it was worth it,” say “I’m so grateful that I enjoyed every delicious bite of my doughnut treat today.”
Instead of "I only lost .4 lbs this week," I feel like- "I lost .4 lbs this week!  A loss that when added to everything else I've done, makes me 11.8 lbs lighter than I was just a mere 3 months ago!"  I haven't lost all the weight yet, but I am on my way and have made a great deal of progress.  I am learning to eat better, to say no, to cook, and most of all, appreciate where I'm at in life.

Go out and spread gratitude today!  Thank someone and really mean it.

Week 12: -.4 lbs
Total: -11.8 lbs


  1. I know you're not a fan of running, but what about walking? After my long runs, I like to take 2-5 mile walks so my muscles don't tighten. We could always walk around Tremont or the Metroparks Trail down by Steelyard (if you're in Nick's neck of the woods on those days).

  2. I'd love that, Kim!!! (once it stops raining!!) I didn't even know there was a metroparks trail in steelyard!