Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Back On Track

Windy much?

This week felt like a real roller coaster.  I weigh myself every day and write it down in a chart I keep by my scale.  I do this every morning before I eat and shower- obsessive compuslive much?  Now, I know it's not the best indication of your true weight, because it WILL vary day to day, but the overall trend of a decreasing number on the scale in the morning is a positive thing and helps me focus on my goal.

The past two weeks however... it's been a mess.  One day I'm up three pounds, the next down two, the next down 2, the next up 4, etc etc.  Over the past week I've gained and lost between three and four pounds.  The weight I track and count as being the most true is what I weigh in on Wednesday evenings at Weight Watchers.  Regardless of the foibles at my own scale, they still reflect a downward trend (if you were to average the numbers), however, math isn't my strong suit at 7:30 am. 

So, in week 14, I am down.  Maybe I didn't lose the entire three pounds I gained last week, but I'm close.  And I consider that great, since it was a holiday weekend, and on Sunday I ate... everything.  But I wrote everything down!  And I took advantage of the nice weather and walked Buster outside.  I think he forgot what green grass looked like.  All and all, I consider this to be a successful week.

Week 14: -2.4 lbs
Total: -11.2 lbs

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