Friday, May 27, 2011

Feeling Good, Feeling Great

 I skipped my meeting today, but I did go and weigh in- it keeps me honest.  I thought I was going to do okay- and I did!  I didn't even weigh in on my favorite scale- and I still lost.  I'm not really sure why I'm attaching so much stigma to a certain scale at the WW center... but I do.  Maybe I shouldn't, since it turns out I still lost weight this week.

I had a great sit down with one of my best friends last night, and I told her my progress so far this time- 14 lbs lost since January- she was stoked for me.  However, I do still find it embarassing when people ask if I've lost weight to tell them yes, I have; but know in the back of my mind that I told them this same thing two years ago.  I told my friend how I felt about that- she said that she's noticed a big change in how and what I eat- and the fact that I'm cooking more has shown her a true change in my attitude towards food.  That is true- I never feel like I'm on a diet, because I'm NOT on one.  Yes, I'm losing weight, but that's because of the life changes I'm making. 

I'm eating well, I never feel deprived, and I don't have an urge to stuff my face with processed foods.  All in all, I'm feeling great.

Week 17: -.4 lbs
Total: -14.0 lbs

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