Monday, May 23, 2011

Restaurant Review: Dog Brunch at Edison's

Edison's is slowly becoming one of my favorite Cleveland establishments.  They probably serve my favorite pizza in Cleveland (by the slice, so you can splurge on one piece and not be in danger of eating the whole pie); they have an amazing beer selection; and last but certainly not least, they allow Buster!!!  Tremont in general is a very dog friendly neighborhood- but my favorite place to take Buster is Edison's by a long shot.  It's like Cheers, but people know Buster's name, not mine.

This past Sunday, they started a new weekly event, Dog Brunch.  Starting May 22, every Sunday is Dog Brunch from 1-4 pm at Edison's!   I didn't get specifics, but I'm pretty sure it'll just be a summer thing.  They allow "well-behaved dogs on leashes", so the dog clientele is happy and friendly.  They had their regular Pizza Kitchen Menu for the people, and a special Dog Brunch Menu for the four legged guests! 

Food was prepared by The Grateful Dog Bakery, a dog bakery out of N. Olmstead.  Honestly, the dog menu looked a lot more healthy than the people menu- it was all locally sourced meat, organic veggies, as well as everything being vet approved as being healthy for your pup.  Buster got the Pupscicle as an appetizer- a frozen treat with Turkey, Bacon and fresh green herbs, and 5 scrumptous mini-meatballs for a main course.  He was a bigger fan of the meatballs than the pupscicle, but happily ate both. 

Where does this fit into the healthy living in Cleveland?  Buster is part of my family, so I feed him food that contains ingredients I would eat myself.  Maybe I'd take the turkey Popsicle in some other form, but I know I could have eaten it and would have been fine.

I know not everyone is a huge fan of dogs in their local watering hole, but I think it makes for a fun atmosphere.  I think we can all agree that a well behaved dog is usually a more welcome sight than a drunk frat guy.

Questions about the Dog Brunch?  Call Edison's at 216-298-4484.  Better yet, go have a beer and ask in person.  They're located at 2365 Professor Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113- between College and Jefferson in Tremont.

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