Monday, May 16, 2011

Recipe Round Up

Thai Coconut Curry Scallops-  This recipe actually calls for shrimp... I had scallops on hand.  Deal with it.  I served it over Jasmine rice with sliced avocado and Sriracha on the side- yummmmmm.  And super easy!  Who knew Thai food was so easy if you already had fish sauce and red curry paste on hand?

Beer Can Chicken- I didn't actually make this, but Nick did.  I watched him though, so that counts, right?  It's delicious- pair it with some grilled veggies (and try not to eat too much skin) and it's a tasty low point dinner.

French Toast Souffle-  I should probably point out that I made this dish for Mother's Day brunch... it's technically a "cooking light" recipe, but I can't really say that it's all THAT light... but it is amazing.  Like... almost unreal how good it is.  I know I tend to say that in almost every review of any food I make; what can I say, I'm a pretty positive person.  I also love food.  But this is impressive, easy to make, and great for a large crowd for breakfast- no standing over the stove top while everyone else is socializing and drinking Mimosas.  It clocks in at 9 Points+ for 1/12 of the recipe, which is a pretty good sized serving.

Skinny Tuna Noodle Casserole- I was craving comfort food last night, and REALLY wanted creamy pasta.  I dug through my cupboards, the fridge, no luck on "comfort food" (this is the EXACT reason I don't keep bad for me foods on hand)- so I went to the recipe binder!  Looking through the "dinner" section, I ran across this recipe I printed out a while ago.  I followed it pretty closely, only I added corn as well.  It was delicious, fit the bill, and I have leftovers that are perfect for lunch!  Hooray!

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