Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breaking the Cycle

Feeling this happy today.
I'll just start off with the good news- I lost 2.4 lbs this week!!!  That's HUGE!!!  Needless to say I've been very excited ever since I weighed in last night.  I came home and hugged Nick like a thousand times because as much as I wanted to jump over the counter and hug my WW leader... I was able to restrain myself. 

I've been on a plateau for the past two months or so; I was okay with that because for the little ups and downs, I didn't actually put ON any pounds that stayed.  I was getting really frustrated and tired of it though.  This week- I stayed within my points, focused on cooking again, packed my lunch almost every day, and really tried to include meat in only one meal each day.

This week's meeting was about the importance of breakfast- we all know how I feel about breakfast.  My favorite thing in the world.  I probably could have led the meeting, but I'm still glad I went. 

I'm chalking this week up to a win- I'm aiming to win again next week.

Week 16: -2.4
Total: -13.6

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