Thursday, May 5, 2011

50th Post- My Recipe Binder

In honor of the 50th post on my blog, I decided to share something that has really kept me going and organized in the kitchen.

Before I started this blog, I started printing out and collecting recipes I found on my favorite blogs.  At first it was just a few here and there, but I started collecting a whole lot of paper REALLY fast.  When I lived in DC, my roommate Eleanor had this genius binder that she put all her recipes in.  So I stole her idea.  Now, she (smartly, I must add) put all her recipes in plastic sleeves as to not destroy them with stray water/sauce/butter sprays.  I am to lazy/forgetful to do that, but so far I have survived on a binder and a hole punch to get me through.

Since it's inception, I have filled one 2" binder completely and am starting on my second.  It was originally divided into Soups, Appetizers, Main Courses, Sides and Desserts.  It has since blossomed and divided into many new sections including but not limited to: Breakfast, Booze, Salads, so on and so forth.

Anyways, it's a great way to organize your online recipes, since I for one am not about to shell out money for an iPad to only destroy it by spilling beans or something equally tech-devastating on it.

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