Friday, May 10, 2013

After All That...

I STILL gained this week! Blarg.  You know what though?  I didn't work out, and honestly, I could have done way better in the eating department.  So, keep on keepin' on.  Yesterday and today?  I've been eating well.  The weather was AMAZING last night, so my girlfriends and I took a walk around Lakewood Park- if you live in the Cleveland area and have never been- you HAVE to go.  It's one of the best views of downtown I've ever seen.  It's right on the lake.  It's beautiful. 

One of the braintrusts in my ladies group had a genius idea last night- Ladies Night Bootcamp!  I've mentioned before that I get together a few times a month with a group of my lady friends for dinner/ wine/ boardgames/ movies- and for some reason, we've never worked out together!  We have some certified workout buffs in the group, so we're going to be taking turns making up a class and teaching it to the others.  We're starting out next week with a bootcamp routine, but we have talked about cross fit, yoga, greek dancing, and much to my chagrin, running.  A few girls in the group have completed marathons and are really into running, so I might be *sick* that week.  Or I guess I could try :)  Not to mention, there are several of us getting married within the upcoming few months, so we're all really trying to whip ourselves into wedding shape. 

So, while it was an up week on the scale, I am ending this week feeling good about what's to come.  Maybe my friends can help get me through this plateau!

This week: +.6 lbs
Total 2013: -8.8 lbs

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