Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recommitting To My Goals, Part 4

Step 4: Think About It

Take some time to really think about not only how you'll accomplish this goal, but how you'll feel once you do.  I know from prior experiences that when I've reached the weight loss goal, I suddenly feel like I've physiologically changed- like my body doesn't handle food the way that it ACTUALLY does.  Which is why I always gain the weight back.  This time I have to be mindful when I get to my goal that I'll still need to be keeping track of food, and keep active.  I'll have to not go on a free-for-all. 

How will I feel when I get to my goal?  Amazing.  I'll probably even buy myself some new clothes.  But I'm going to try to keep it on the forefront of my mind, and while I'm buying new clothes, I'll make a mindful effort to not tack on an ice cream cone while I'm shopping. 

Mindful and moderation.  That's the name of the game.

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