Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Woah Nelly, It's Been A While...

I present to you- the palest couple in the world!
Woah.  I have been BUSY.  To say the least.  My brain has devolved into a puddle of wedding related mush.  It's been almost two months... and there's only TWO months to go until the big day!  Between making a huge, tissue paper archway for the ceremony, painting table numbers and cake toppers, not to mention FINDING A NEW CEREMONY SPOT 'CAUSE WE GOT DICKED OVER... yeah, that happened.  That being said, when we spoke last (or you read this, whoever the two of you are), I was down 8.8 for the year.  As of this morning, I'm officially down 12 lbs.  Awesome!

What have I been doing to get there?
  • Tracking EVERYTHING
  • Eating a ton of veggies/fruits (especially Watermelon! Go summer!)
  • Started a new fitness routine- joined Jazzercise (it's not just Grandma's, I swear)
  • Being VERY vigilant about my alcohol intake.
It's crunch time.  My dress fits, but you know, there are a few pictures taken on your wedding day.  So while I will still look like myself, I want to look like the POW, ZAP, HOLY-CRAP-SHE-LOOKS-GREAT version of myself.

So, I'm eating a lot of lettuce, trying to get in 10,000 steps everyday, and not sleeping.  (I wish I were, but the wedding zombies are eating my brains.)  Also, according to my credit card statement, shopping a lot.  I should probably cut back.

So, things are on track.  I'm feeling really good, giddy all the time, and just in general having a blast with the whole wedding planning thing.  Except for finding a new ceremony spot, that was a tad bit stressful.  But things really worked out for us, and now we're getting married at the Kirtland Country Club, which is not only more beautiful, but will end up saving us money, has enough parking, and an amazing rain back up spot.  So, it worked out.

This week (two months):  -3.2 lbs
This year: -12 lbs

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