Thursday, February 21, 2013

And Another One Down

The best portrait ever drawn of me.  "Aunt Heather Outside"
I'm really on a roll this year!  And losing some of my rolls in the process!  I'm feeling so good right now.  The weight loss certainly helps- I'm actually looking forward to Thursdays.  I still am weighing myself every day, but I keep in mind that day to day fluctuations don't matter as much as a steady downward trend with my weight. I am aware the it's not coming off as rapidly, but that's to be expected.  At my weight, I would actually be concerned if I was consistently losing 4 lbs a week- I'd probably go get myself checked for worms or something if I was.  At this point, I'm really happy losing half a pound a week.  Losing anything is a win.

I was thinking last night about struggles I had with weight gain towards the end of last year- I couldn't wrap my head around it- I was eating healthy and exercising, or so I told myself.  Looking back at my (very incomplete) food journals, I really wasn't.  I was consistently eating too much and not getting in much activity.  That is a surefire way to gain weight.  A sedentary lifestyle paired with eating out a lot and not really paying attention to my food.

This year, I feel like I'm on the right track.  I don't feel deprived at all- but I am definitely keeping an eye on the food that's going into my body.  I had a really healthy day yesterday, yet I still ate out for lunch, had a small cannoli for dessert, and a beer to end the day.  However, I still stayed in a healthy range of calories.  Maybe TallBoy had a full size cannoli and I just had a mini, but it only really takes a few bites of sugar to satisfy you- sugar is a very powerful food- something to keep in mind.

Just a great week.  Here's to another one!

This week: -1.0 lb
Total 2013: -9.6 lbs
So close to Goal #2!

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