Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Putting In The Work

My basement workout space.  I think it needs motivational posters.
I had my midterm assessment for the wellness class I'm currently taking about a week ago.  With the exception of a few days here and there that were clearly not in the 'thinking/acting healthy' category (i.e. spending a weekend in Athens, OH, or in NYC)- my instructor told me I'm on the right path.  I've had really good results this year, mostly from really watching my carbohydrate intake, so I'm going to continue on.  My motivational problem is working out.  So far this year, I've been consistent in getting in at least two workouts a week- one at my Wednesday wellness class, and the other is usually on Saturday afternoon in my basement.  I've just been doing cross training exercises- two or three sets of weights, followed by a few minutes of high intensity cardio, switching it up for about an hour.  As it usually happens, about 7 weeks in, I'm getting a little bored of my current routine. 

Tallboy and I were fortunate to have been gifted a really nice at home gym from his dad- we just got it set up and put to use about two weeks ago.  I'm still a bigger fan of free weights, but it's nice to have an alternative, plus Tallboy will do reps on the machine, since my weights are too light for him. 

I discovered (a little late to the game, apparently, this app has been around for a while) the Nike Training Club app yesterday.  It's almost as good as having a personal trainer.  It's amazing.  Like I said, I only got it yesterday, but I'm already in love.  It has over 85 different (!) workouts, videos of every exercise, and talks you through the movements.  I've only done one of the intermediate workouts so far, but let me tell you, it was challenging and exciting.  It felt good to still be switching up my cardio and strength training, and having some new moves.  It was also nice to have it planned out for you.  The best part?  It's FREE.  Yep.  FREE.  There are no words.

My goal for this week is to get at least one extra workout in with my new app- I think I'm in love.

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