Friday, January 13, 2012

After A Year....

via- It's a picture of a plateau, get it?
Well, Ladies and Gents, The Cleveland Dilemma has been around for roughly a year now.  I know most blogs are all, hooray! we've been around a year!  But I knew my yearly blog post would not be quite as joyous.  I know partially it's due to me not meeting my goal of losing twenty pounds within a year of starting the blog.  Nonetheless, I think this blog has been good for me- even if I didn't reach my goal, I did manage to lose 9.6 lbs over the course of the year.  This is MUCH better than a flat out gain; which has been the trend the past few years.  So. I already did a round up of things I learned this year and planned out my 2012 personal/blog resolutions, so I guess all that's left is my final weigh in after a year.  Unfortunately, I gained .6 lbs since last week, and my total for the year was a total loss of 9.6 lbs.  Looking back through my journals, I see that this means I pretty much got down to this weight in MARCH of last year.  Holy crap, that's more than nine months ago.  Now- even though that was a while ago, and I've been hanging around this current weight for three quarters of a year, I'm still glad that I've been able to at least maintain instead of gain. (the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain)  I know I haven't been as constantly vigilant as I clearly need to be to lose more, but I still have managed to keep off around 10 lbs for an entire year.  So I'm happy with that.  What I need to do now is step it up and start losing again.  It's been just little ups and downs (or as we in the weight obsessed world call it, plateauing) and I'm sick of it. 

Time to move on, folks.  I'm going to up the exercise and start taking my eating really seriously.  I also think I really need to focus on restricting refined carbohydrates.  Sorry, TallBoy, that means more quinoa, less rice.  It just has to be that way.

This week: +.6lbs
Total (For the year!): -9.6 lbs

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