Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

How I'd Like to Feel
I've been really frustrated with this plateauing.  I talked with my nutritionist last night about it, and we went over my food journals for the last month, and she seemed almost confused as I am.  I'm eating within the right range of calories and getting in the right type of nutrients, and I'm still at a stand still.  (*despite my angry/rambling post on Tuesday, one spiked day shouldn't throw my entire good week off they way it seems to be doing.)  She thinks I need to shake it up a bit, so for the next week, I'm going to severely restrict carbohydrates.  Starting with today, my week will look like this:
Thursday- 50g Carbohydrates
Friday- 50 g Carbohydrates
Saturday- 75 g Carbohydrates
Sunday- 75 g Carbohydrates
Monday- 100 g Carbohydrates
Tuesday- 150 g Carbohydrates
This is a big change up for me, as I usually view a day with less than 100 g of carbs as a really low day already- typically even 100g would not allow for any bread.  So basically, for the next week, any bread/oatmeal/rice etc is out of the question.  This will be especially hard, because with such a limited amount of carbs, how am I going to get in the right amount of fiber?  Things that I would usually eat: bananas, apples, beans, and quinoa are all really high in carbohydrates.   My food intake today will consist of eggs, meat, lettuce, yogurt, strawberries, avocado and chili (made with ground turkey and beans).  Even that is slightly over my allotment of carbohydrates.  I was told to stay between 1300-1600 calories per day, but with this low amount of carbs, I'm finding it difficult to even reach 1300 calories.  I know something needs to be shaken up in my diet, so I'm going to try this, keep a close eye on how I'm feeling, and track the results. 

This week: +1.2
Total: -10.6

I have made up what my reward will be when I reach my goal- an hour long massage!  I haven't gotten one in forever, and it's hard to justify normally.  (A good massage is NOT cheap!)  But I think that would be an excellent goal reward!

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