Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here I Go Again...

It's a duck/dino gourd. Autumn! Deal with it.
Weigh in time!  These last two weeks have been rollercoasteresque, and not in a "yay, rollercoaster!" way.  Every day, up and down, but staying in some high regions that I'd rather forget about.  I didn't even do a blog post about last week, because, embarassingly enough, I was even up .4 from the week before.  Yes, ladies and gents, that means as of last Thursday, I was a pound above where I started my LoseIt journey, and only down 6.2 lbs from January 1st.  Seeing as how I have two months left to get to my 20 lb goal, well... it's going to be a rough holiday season. 

So, last week, I gained .4.  This week, I lost 1.2, which puts me .8 lbs under where I was two weeks ago.  Only .2 lbs under where I started LoseIt.  I am not losing faith, but I am realizing that I need to step up my game.  I've decided that in addition to staying under my calories each day (it's Halloween weekend coming up!), I won't post any exercise calories until the end of the day, as to not use them as an excuse to eat more stuff.  I do plan on using a lot of my 'saved' calories this weekend, but I'm also going to try really hard to only go over my calories on Saturday, a night in which I'll be dressed in costume, and it'll be really hard to stay under.  Ugh.

On a happy note, I have been making some great recipes, and adding a lot more veggies to my meals.  I tried acorn squash last night for the first time, and it was delicious.  Never fear, blog post to come about that!

Goals for the week:
  1. Workout 3x
  2. End the week with a calorie deficit
  3. Exercise WILLPOWER at Halloween Party/ handing out candy
  4. Figure out a non-food related reward for getting to my goal weight
Good Luck, Me!

This week (and last): -.8
Total: -7.4


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  2. Take two!

    I wish you good luck and lots of will power at the Halloween party. Also wondering, is the duck/dino supposed to be anatomically correct?

  3. Thanks, Laura! Haha, if it's anatomically correct, that's one ugly duck! I did pretty good at the Halloween party, and I didn't eat candy while passing it out- I got stuff that I didn't really like to pass out. Although my bf said my house would probably get egged because of my candy choices, but at least I was good!!