Friday, September 9, 2011

An Impulsive, Rash Decision Made Over The Course of Several Months

I've been pretty absent on the blog lately- (Buster's posts have noticed a certain uptick though)- I was tired of not following through with my blog promises.  So I stopped blogging.  After months of "I'm going to weigh in this week!" I noticed that I was STILL paying 40 bucks a month for a WW pass that I wasn't using.  I decided last week that I was going to drop the monthly pass, with the plan to still have access to the online e-tools- but when I went to sign up for e-tools, they ended up being much more than expected.

Anyone who's ever done Weight Watchers will tell you two things in reaction to this- 1. it's a bad idea, and 2. I did that too, then went back.  So we'll see.

Now- I should be honest and tell you I've gained a bit this summer- around 5 lbs.  It's by no means everything I've lost this year, but it's a definite set back.  What I really want and need and lack, is motivation.  I'm about to officially join a gym- I joined it last month on a trial basis- and really enjoy it.  Check one in the plus column.  I'm slowly working up my running with the Couch to 5k app- also really enjoying it.  Check another one in the plus column.  However, I've almost completely stopped tracking my food.  I'm still eating well and cooking a lot, but I'm sure that my food intake has increased, because the scale is creeping up a bit.  My new plan- I'm using a free (FREE!) food tracking website- Lose It- to track my food intake.  It's pretty cool so far, but I know nothing works if I don't put in the effort.  Weight doesn't come off just because you spend money on a Weight Watchers monthly pass or a gym membership.  You have to utilize these outlets. 

I'll be blogging more on my progress, but I needed a little kick start, so hopefully this is it.  I'm ready to get off this plateau and ready to see the scale go down again, NOT up.

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