Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Aboard!

Me driving the wagon- I guess I grew a huge beard too...
I'm back on the wagon! Train! Whatever mode of transportation meets your fancy, I'm on it.  I had this realization this morning- unlike most things in life, you can always hop back on the weight loss wagon.  Literally, anytime you want.  I've been off it for a while now- I looked back into my Weight Watchers log, and the last time I weighed in was July 7.  At that point, I was down 13 lbs.  I've continued to weigh myself everyday since then, and I have found that the numbers have crept up about 6 lbs.  5.8 to be exact.  So over all, still down 7.2 since January, but not really where I wanted to be considering it's halfway through September.   

Not to be discouraged, last week I decided to take charge again.  I'm not just back on the wagon, I'm driving it.  I started logging my food again with LoseIt- they have a great website and a REALLY great iPhone app. (I actually like it better than the WW app, plus, it's FREE!!!!)  You enter your height/weight/age, and your weight goal, and they tell you how many calories you can eat a day.  Now, I'm not one to JUST calorie count; I know every calorie isn't equal.  I'm doing this with the mindset that I can use this to my advantage if I continue to eat whole, healthy foods, and not low calorie, nutrient-lacking junk.  Low-cal to be low-cal is dumb.

So, a week in- (my new weigh-in day is Thursday), I'm down 1.4 lbs!  I joined a gym, have been watching my food intake, and it's working for me again.  Back on the wagon, baby!

Week... I have no idea what week I'm on at this point: -1.4 lbs
Total: -8.6 lbs

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