Friday, July 1, 2011

Shelf Life

Leftover Cake, Anyone?
I was reading through Washington Post's 3rd Annual Spring Cleaning List- Item 7 on the list of things to toss was "Leftovers."

"Americans waste food — quite a bit of it. This includes the bites we leave on our plates at dinner, the stuff we let rot in our fridges and the crops that never even reach the grocery store."
"Most consumers could also use more education about food refrigeration and storage to better understand how long a fresh product will last and whether its life can be extended in the freezer." -source

Is that chicken still good?  How long will turkey burgers last?  Well... the WP article linked to this awesome site-  It's a goldmine with every food on it- how long it will last in the fridge/freezer, when it's the best, how to tell if it's ripe, etc.  It even has tips on how to reheat frozen food for the best taste.  A plethora of valuable information on how to NOT waste food.   There's an accompanying iPhone app too, but I haven't shelled out the $1.99 yet for it... if you have, let me know what you think.

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