Monday, July 25, 2011

I Am Just the Worst

Remember that last post?  About how I'm going to weigh in weekly regardless of the outcome?  Guess who hasn't done that since the last post... this girl.  I am seriously just the worst. 

I'm basically only doing this post in hopes that it'll make me go this week.  Finally.  And believe me, after a beer festival, along with some other stress filled days recently, it won't be pretty.  But I don't care!  I'm doing this for ME.  And I totally love myself.  I think losing weight would be a lot easier if I didn't stress eat so easily. 

Recipe wise... I don't have much new to share.  I've been going out a lot, and not always ordering the best thing for me on the menu.

Here's to a healthier week ahead!  I'm off to drink more water!  Hydrate, people, it's hot out there!

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